Lead Generation

As marketers you will have to do a lot of research before launching a marketing campaign. You need to understand the buyers intent and also what the market demands at that point of time. Therefore when you buy email lists for marketing, you will reach your targeted customers effortlessly.

With verified and accurate data by your side we make sure your promotional campaigns, offers and deals will reach the right audience inboxes at the right time.

Get Names, Emails, Phone numbers and other critical data for highly targeted leads for your business type which allows you to reach these users on really personal level. Send them an email. Introduce yourself. Run targeted email campaigns and boost your sales.

Get targeted list of emails and make the perfect look alike audience to run highly targeted ads on Facebook. 10x your ROI on Facebook ads, generate more sales with the same Ad budget by showing your ad to the relevant people. Saves your time and money in the initial warmup for the ads.

We can gather 50,000+ instagram users with detailed information such as emails, websites, number of posts & more depending on your niche. Contact us today if you’re interested